Liposuction: Not a Weight Loss System

Liposuction (2)

Liposuction has extended been applied as a physique contouring approach to take away pockets of undesirable fat. As a liposuction surgeon in Los Angeles, I present many procedures of liposuction that can be applied to aid suction fat such as the tumescent, energy assisted, and ultrasound assisted approaches, to name a couple of. Whilst this physique contouring approach is proper for little-scale fat removal, especially in locations such as the abdomen, back, really like handles and thighs, it is essential for ladies and males to recognize that liposuction should really not be regarded as a substitute for consuming a healthier diet regime and living an active life style.

What Liposuction Can and Can not Do Liposuction is useful for removing little pockets of fat that stay resistant to diet regime and exercising, and it is essential to note that this process should really not be regarded as for substantial-scale fat removal. As a plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, from time to time referred to as the beauty capital of the nation, I often have consultations with folks who want to contour and shape their bodies to appear additional toned and lean. This is a completely reputable purpose to be thinking about liposuction. Whilst liposuction can offer exceptional physique contouring final results, it is not a cellulite removal approach, and in some instances general skin tone may well seem somewhat decreased immediately after a liposuction process, especially if a patient has significantly less than optimal skin tone or slightly sagging skin to commence with. If skin tone is a distinct concern to you, speak with your surgeon about solutions for cellulite remedy, such as SmoothShapes®, and skin tightening, such as Thermage®.

For the most aspect liposuction is a permanent remedy for fat removal. The fat cells that are suctioned will not improve in quantity, but they can improve in size. These who have had a liposuction remedy should really attempt to retain their physique weight at the time of surgery even immediately after their process to make sure that the final results stay for several years. Liposuction Methods There are many forms of liposuction approaches that can be applied, based on the patient, such as: Tumescent Liposuction: I use the tumescent liposuction approach for my Los Angeles sufferers who want to take away localized fat deposits in many locations of the physique. This approach makes use of substantial volumes of saline remedy, regional anesthesia and adrenaline to make the fat cells much easier to take away even though limiting blood loss.

Then, a cannula (little tube) is inserted that suctions away excess fat. This is a pretty standard liposuction approach and is broadly applied in practices across the nation. Energy Assisted Liposuction: This liposuction approach makes use of a suction tube that vibrates at the tip at a quickly speed in order to aid break up and loosen the fat cells. This enables for gentler suctioning of the fat cells, and causes significantly less harm to surrounding tissue than other liposuction procedures. Other rewards consist of decreased surgical time, significantly less anesthesia necessary, and higher precision. Ultrasonic Liposuction: Ultrasonic liposuction emits higher-power sound waves by way of the cannula that rupture the cell walls of fat cells, subsequently causing the cells to liquefy. Regular liposuction is then applied to take away the liquefied fat.

The ultrasonic approach is most useful for removing locations of fat that are specially fibrous, such as the chest, flanks and reduced back. Smartlipo™: This revolutionary physique contouring approach performs by working with laser technologies to rupture fat cells. The cannula emits laser power that liquefies fat cells, and the fat cells can be suctioned away or left to be absorbed naturally by the physique by way of its personal cleansing procedure. In summary, even though it is not an acceptable way to drop weight, liposuction can be particularly useful in contouring and shaping the physique.


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