Maximalism- YEKISHIM


Daryush Shokof 1988

Human Beings are not inferior to God nor to Satan, but rather we are the "solution" to the eternal separation between these two forces, and the only way we can help them to come together and create peace in cosmos is to "Unite" human beings on earth.this is the only reason for us Human Beings to be on Earth  to "UNITE" both in heart and mind.only then clarity will reign and we will finally know all the secrets to the CREATION", and therefore abstraction would cease to exist forever. This I called Maximalism in 1988. Thus the emergence of the toughts of  Maximalism which leads to the philosophy of "YEKISHIM" which means to "become one".YEKISHIM is a term created using two Persian words "yeki" meaning "one" and "shim" meaning to "become"  that is why "RACISM" is the biggest crime on earth for it alwyas separates human beings and delays the unity amongst mankind which in turn delays the eternal unification and peace between God and Satan and continues to keep mankind in Darkness and our lives in abstraction.