Amenic Film

Amenic Film is founded by " Daryush Shokof " in Berlin, Germany in 2012. He explains in his manifest of such a filmmaking process that the film "creator", "Director" first selects a "concept" for the film, thereafter the film is "produced", then, "screened" and only then, the "Script" of the film is written.

Goals and Rules Edit Shokof defines the goals of such an approach to making movies are simply to make movies with more heart, free of many unnecessary standard industry rules and regulations, much freedom of creativity as shooting happens on set, and therefore a more true to feel of a film for viewers who could almost touch the essence of the story and situations as if they were involved in the film themselves as well.

He sets these rules as basic important principles of such a filmmaking process, Have a clear "Concept".
Use all and any methods and or ways to get the point across and as close to the concept as possible. Let actors have a "Clear" orientation of the "scene", their "character" and "mood" of the scene, but leave both them and the "Director" ample room to move around the original perspective of each
and every scene never get married to any specific wording and or movements for the scene and leave all the "energy" necessary for best results for delivering the ideal "scene" with the collaborations between both "Director" and "actors" on the set and while shooting continues.
Shoot the film using any "camera" that fits the look never let the "technical" elements "rule" over your creativity.
Finish the film and then start "Editing" where you might invent a whole new turn and twists in having a "new" picture than what was planned out to be in the first place. However, whatever the final picture is after the process of "editing", it has to be fully that movie you had decided to do according to the initial "Concept". If the film is about a girl who wants to kill herself, then it can not become a film with her " Dog" as the main "concept" of the film, just because you feel the "Dog" is more appealing story than the " girl " who
wanted to commit suicide. your film is first of all about a "girl" who wants to commit suicide.
Now that the "Edit" step is over, you complete the "Post" and then "Screen" the film.

Now you can start writing the script according to the "Finished" Film.

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